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MyZone it is a protected area where you can share your files with contacts and customers. It was created to meet the needs of those companies, which need to be able to share in full security documents, ensuring the confidentiality of shared files.

In addition to the protected area MyZone is accompanied by an ecosystem of applications, including a Windows © client for the automatic publication of files and mobile app for Android and iOS. if you want to know more, take a look at the modules section.

MyZone is designed to be a "virtual archive" that allows you to manage folders and subfolders where to store the files to be shared. It is also avaiable a shared area where you can store any files with all your contacts or customers . For further informations check out the structure of MyZone.

In addition to file sharing features, MyZone it also offers you the possibility of receive requests information from contacts or customers. For further informations, look at the features available.


Below you can find the list of the modules.

Web platform with user access control

The web platform of MyZone it is the beating heart of the whole architecture. It allows you to have complete control of all published files, users, requests of information, search for uploaded files or folders. For administrators users, advanced search and control functions are provided such as access log, checking downloaded files adn much more.


Thanks to the publisher of MyZone you can upload automatically files or folders on the web platform through an integrated automatic scanning system. The Publisher module supports multiple publishing methods (web via http or https, ftp, sftp, etc) and has a function for the administration of web users.

App for mobile devices android / iOS

The client apps for Android and iOS are available to make the files published easily accessible that guarantee a high user experience

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Below is a summary of the storage structure.

Shared documents

Files and folders in this archive will be viewable and available to users registered and enabled in the system.

Personal documents

Files and folders present in this archive will be divided into subfolders for users registered in the system , identified by their fiscal code. Once the user has accessed the system, he will be able to view only the files contained in his / her area.

Trashed documents

In case of deletation stores the deleted files in a specific trash area visible only from administrator users .


Here we report the main features.

Uploading files via publishers

Through the publisher module, you can publish files and folders maintaining their structure.

integrated files and folders research

MyZone provides a file search function and folders to quickly and easily identify documents in the archive.

Display hierarchical files or folders

The hierarchical structure of the files and folders will be identical to the published one, being able to discriminate the contents based on the available users.

User and role management

MyZone offers you complete user management and of the roles connected to them. You will be able to manage all registered users in complete safety and which roles they will be inside the platform, temporarily or definitely block a user, reset the credentials of access.

Complete access log

Every access to the web platform, it is monitored and stored according to the configuration.

Complete traceability downloaded files

The file storage system keeps track of downloads made by users by updating personal statistics. The system provides the ability to send targeted reminder for files not yet downloaded.

App notifications for mobile devices

Through the app users will have the possibility to receive automatic and immediate push notifications to the publication of new files inside the platform, whether they are shared or personal.

Reminder files never downloaded

For each new publication, through the Publisher module, it is possible to activate the automatic sending of a reminder to the users to notify the presence of a new file. The reminder can be repurposed for several days or on a monthly basis.

Information request management

There is an integrated App and Web management system for requesting information from users classified by type.


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