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Alba Consulting deals with business consulting and functional and production processes through the use of data control and digital media. It has found in Cocce a collaboration strategic for the joint development of corporate apps or customized solutions for its customers.

Over 300 customer has chosen Alba Consulting for it's own advertising, optimization e business efficiency.

What Alba Consulting do

Alba Consulting deas with:

Corporate Digitization

Corporate Digitization is a process that allows for optimize the company by controlling and storing information in digital form. It makes business data usable through the most innovative technologies available. Improve decisions by increasing knowledge and making them faster. Digital Transformation is not just about buying new hardware and software. Have new tools digital, without these being interconnected with company data, without being able to communicate between them to connect the departments of the company is a waste of time and resources. The tools are only part of the project: the goal is to create a connection between the departments. Here are the transformations that must take place in a company so that there is one digitization:

Technological Transformation

All sectors are constantly evolving. The evolution in the technological sector permeates every other field. All sectors of the company benefit from one technological transformation. But for this to happen it is not necessary to buy new software or new hardware. Technological transformation also means rendering an instrument already present in the company can be used.

Organizational transformation

Information technology moves fast and with it all the processes in the company. Digital Transformation is not a constant run-up to the last one found. Is one organizational style that aims to understand which best strategy I can implement thanks to new business tools and data. Therefore choose an infrastructure functional to my needs.

Cultural Transformation

Cultural transformation can not be improvised one day with another. It's a process that needs its times. It must be prepared and internalized in the correct way if you want to exploit it properly.

Creative Transformation

Digital transformation is not a package of new tools to install. IS an idea that becomes tangible, an idea that is different for each company. This is why it has no definite limits and can be implemented in the most congenial company way.

Social Transformation

Transformation and innovation are character traits assigned arbitrarily to new generations. The separation between those who believe they are "bullshit for kids" is born those who throw themselves headlong just because it's new. But digitization is neither the cause of all ills nor the solution that will solve all the company's problems. It is a tool to be used to improve the company and optimize the flow of information.

Managerial transformation

Through the Digitization company can improve its business models. Yes it can be more receptive to its customers, without imposing it the standard offer.

Research and development

Italian law n. 190/2014, art. 1 paragraph 35, provides a tax credit of 50% for research and activities development. The mechanism foreseen by the law aims to reward companies that invest research and development. It allows to recover 50% of what they have already spent discounting it from the taxes due.

For whom is this opportunity?

For all companies with Italian taxation. There are no limits of revenue. And there are no constraints given by the legal form and the sector of membership.

What can you recover?

50% of research and development costs are recovered, aimed at to achieve process innovations. Among these is the experimental development of software applications. Yes they also recover the costs of the specialized personnel employed in the process research and development. This incentive also concerns the equipment and the instrumental goods finalized looking, thanks to the amortization in Industry 4.0.

How much can you recover?

50% of costs are recovered, with a minimum cost of 30,000€ and a maximum of 5,000,000€. The maximum has been moved to 20,000,000€ thanks to Industry 4.0 since 01/01/2017.

What can do Alba Consulting ?

Alba Consulting can proceed to:


The hyper-depreciation It is an excellent incentive to innovate obsolete equipment with hardware at current state of art.

Which companies can enjoy hyper-depreciation?

All Italian companies (with tax office in Italy, even with a stable operating office outside Italy) can benefit from:

Which tools fall into hyper-depreciation?

The machines to hyper-depreciate must be equipped with the following characteristics:

The machines to hyper-depreciate must be equipped with the following characteristics:

What can do Alba Consulting ?

Alba Consulting is able to support you for:

In this way your company can take advantage of hyper-depreciation to grow and evolve.


EMS is the tool to harmonize and integrate activities and data of all company departments. All these tools are integrated with the company ERP and the company database. Every company has various tools for organizing information. Often these tools do not talk to each other. The information does not travel easily between the various business departments.

This forces operators to enter the same information in different systems. EMS consists of various modules that allow you to completely manage the company. It integrates easily with all the tools in use. The module system allows to implement only the necessary modules and makes personalization easy.

What are the tools that make up the EMS?

CRM for sales management

CRM is the fundamental tool for the sales department and the marketing department. Help memorize and evaluate information for activities carried out on Customers, Prospects and Leads. All the information is archived in an organic way, to maintain the history of the relationships that exist between the company and a Customer / Prospect / Lead. The more tasks that are stored the better the customer relationship will become. CRM integrates with the database and the document management system. Thus it can:

WBS for the design

WBS wants to help the Project Manager's work by increasing control and automation. It allows:

Often the projects are composed of numerous activities in different sectors of the company. WBS facilitates the work of organizing the various areas and allows monitoring the life cycle of all the tasks involved. It also facilitates interventions in the event of unforeseen events thanks to the monitoring of all tasks.

QTY for quality management

QTY is the tool for quality managers. It helps to find information for the control system quality:

DMS for document management

A DMS system allows you to electronically archive all company documents, which are paper or digital (including images and multimedia files). This system makes it possible to use company documents in a dynamic and fast way. There are no longer the old System files, in which you had to make a "treasure hunt" in the various file paths to find a document. DMS system is based on the ALFRESCO system for managing archiving and searching for documents in dynamic and fast way.

CONTRACT for contract management

Through contract management, it allows you to automate all the steps of controlling and managing one contract supply and invoice. CONTRACT is for all companies that work in service delivery or through contract supply, it allows:

SCM for purchasing management

SCM is the tool that helps the purchasing department and the logistics to keep control of the supplies. All relationship events with Suppliers and Distributors are archived organic, to build an historical relationship event. Thanks to the automatisms of warning and to the web portal dedicated to the suppliers the control of the deliveries and anticipate problems due to delays.

Factory backbone for production management

The factory backbone allows to reduce production costs through:

In production, the factory backbone uses MES software and a connector system for allow business tools - management or other EMS modules such as management of the logistics (SCM) - to receive and exchange data with the machinery in the production department. The factory backbone allows you to connect production to company tools. This allows schedule production directly from the customer order.

DRP for resource management

DRP is the tool that helps manage company resources to organize:

By monitoring the use of company resources, it allows:

DRP allows you to quickly and comprehensively view all available resources. Allows commit those necessary to the various activities. So you have all the resource planning companies in a single point, linked to the management of activities and tasks (WBS).

TICKET for the management of after-sales assistance

TICKET allows to manage and improve the relationship with customers who need technical assistance. In fact you can manage:

In the case of a company with a large number of customers, the Post Sales service is a winning strategy to retain them. TICKET allows all the departments involved in the maintenance and replacement of the products, as well as the operators who receive communications, to have a system with all the necessary data entered, facilitating their work and reducing errors.

PHONE for the management of the switchboard

The Phone module makes it possible to integrate the company telephone switchboard and smartphones to the CRM system. So technicians and commercials can keep track of all the phone calls made and received, enter notes and report the assistance provided. Through PHONE when the call arrives, if the number is not in the phone book, the CRM is interrogated provides all the data of the caller, even before answering. If the contact is not in the phone book you can register it in the CRM once the phone call is over.

Help in choosing a company ERP

The appropriate management must connect with the company tools already in use and support the company in the years to come. This is why Alba Consulting provides specific advice for the choice of the ERP company. Each ERP consists of several modules, which can also be purchased individually. These must be chosen based on what best meets the business needs. Alba Consulting helps the company select what is necessary and what will never come used. Based on the type of company and the internal organization it helps to choose the right one management.



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